Research has shown us that we still indulge in sweets because we yearn for pleasure.
What are life’s greatest pleasures? The moments that makes us smile, laugh, sing, the knowledge of the existence of true friendship, special love, of simply feeling healthy are the ones that bring us most pleasure.
Mrs. Kornelia’s rolled wafers are designed to give you a big smile on your face, or to bring you closer to your loved ones, through the experience of sharing and smiling together, because these moments become even more precious when they are enjoyed with a sweet delight.
The crispy rolled wafer in combination with the creamy filling, create an instant happiness that lasts, and is a great choice between meals for your own joy. You certainly won’t make a mistake if you decide to share it with your children or with the whole family.
Mrs. Kornelia’s rolled wafers offer a unique taste experience of contrasting layers:gently roasted crispy rolled wafer on the outside with a delicious and surprisingly creamy filling on the inside. And thanks to the special cooling process it is even more unique and exceptional.
When eaten in moderation, just a few bites from a well-made chocolate rolled wafers, for instance, there’s no need to feel bad about indulging once in a while. So go ahead and have a bit after lunch. You have probably derived it, being good at work or playing at home with the kids, so have your part of the best of every moment