In Macedonia there is a long tradition of producing confectionary products from chocolate. We are happy to say that we are a part of the creation of that tradition.

Our company exists since 1995. Understanding the meaning of domestic enterprises for development of the national economy, we wanted to be a part of the people that will contribute to the better future of our society and we truly believe in the power of entrepreneurship.

Our team is guided by the premise that change starts from oneself.  Therefore it wasn’t difficult to find the idea for our business, because one of our passions are confectionary products that we see as a reward and “little” pleasure that should be an inseparable part of the turbulent daily life of each person.

Today DADO is a proactive market participant, that follows the trend regarding the needs, requirements and desires of consumer in order to create the best offer of products that will abound with quality products and a large variety of flavours and packaging. We are primarily oriented towards innovation and modern production standards, as well as continuous communication with costumers, because one of our leading principals of working is the transparent relation towards costumers. DADO’s team, in the process of creating the value of costumers, continuously created different combination of ingredients and flavours before creating the unique mix of ingredients that reflect the real taste of cocoa, rather than masking it with more sugar or other flavours. The result is a range of products through the simple process of tasting remarkably distinguished by its balanced flavour and complexity, unlike many other products on the market.

We are one of the first enterprises that include natural ingredients in their products, such as hazelnut, peanuts and other nuts, instead of simply enriching the taste with artificial flavourings.

Our customers are the most important. The constant praise as well as remarks gives us the motivation to improve our production. Constantly we accomplish growth that shows that we are firmly positioned in the market.  We have been selected as collaborators for a number of companies and trademarks in our industry, which is an additional proof of our commitment to creating a success story.

Vision: To be our customer’s first choice for sweet delights.

Mission: To create happiness in everyone’s daily lives by offering tasty and quality confectionery products, produced with modern technology and investing in research and development, from an experienced team of employees, through monitoring and analysis of market trends, needs and desires of consumers based on continuous communication, transparency in working and respect and care for consumers in the community in which we operate.

Goals: DADO’s corporate goals are set in several areas of interest:

Consumers: market research for timely recognition of the need and demands of consumers, offer a wide range of tastes and continuity of high quality, care for the consumers health, continuous improvement of services.

Employees: building corporate culture subordinate to the achievement of the established visions and goals, investing in training and development, building internal relations of respect.

Growth: oriented towards investing.

Social responsibility: contribution to the local community, development of other helping industries.

Our masters/skilled workman use their experience to make the tastiest rolled wafer in Southeast Europe. The wonderful blend of crispy waffer filled with tasty cream does not leave anyone indifferent.

The hazelnut, cocoa and milk have a major participation in rollers because they are natural ingredients which make our product refined to perfection. From the very beginning our goal was and it to deliver the high quality roll wafer that will satisfy the demand of confectionery markets worldwide.

We produce with cutting edge technology. The changes that were made by manufacturers of the machines for roller, made the production of this product much more efficient and productive.  DADO’s team decided to keep the track of modern technology and introduced it in its production.

One of the most important changes is in the phase between fully produced roller and its packing in the packaging.  At that stage the roller passes through a refrigerator that allows the temperature to be deprived before the roller can be packaged in a plastic packaging, which is especially important for the health of our consumers.

There is an ongoing production of a new product, Waffel Strudel, which we are preparing with great dedication to the desires, tastes and expectations of our loyal customers. This addition to our production program we are making as a request to out importers, which want to satisfy the demand for this type of confectionery products through cooperation with an experienced company that provides certifies quality.